Punjabi Charm Academy - Level 3

Welcome to Level 3 of Punjabi Charm Academy.
In this section, we will learn Matras (Sounds) in Punjabi language. First we will get introduced all the sounds exist in Punjab and then we will learn them one by one with lots of practice. Let's get right into it. :)

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Level 4 - Section 1

Nouns in Punjabi & Gender Conversion Rules

In this lesson we will get introduced to Nouns in Punjabi. We will also learn about Genders - Masculine and Feminine in detail and the gender conversion rules associated with them.

Level 4 - Section 2

Continued Nouns & Gender Conversion Rules

In this lesson we will continue to learn and practice gender conversion rules.

Level 4 - Section 3

Vachan (Singular, Plural) in Punjabi

In this lesson we will learn Vachan - Grammatical Numbers (Singular, Plurals) in Punjabi

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