Learn Punjabi Audio Call - 20 Minutes

Book a One on One Audio Call for 20 Minutes


$10.00 per person



About this experience

Book a One on One Audio Call with me. We can discuss any topic of your choice e.g. Discuss How to Learn Punjabi, Practice Punjabi Speaking, Clear any doubts you may have, Grammatical Questions or any topic of your choice to learn Punjabi. 

How it works: 

Step 1 - Book an available time slot that works for you

Step 2 - I will send you an email with the Google Hangout link for the audio call

Step 3 - I will ask some questions to understand what you want to learn or discuss during the call

Step 4 - Let's talk and learn Punjabi! :) 

Duration: 30 Minutes
Where: Online (Google Hangout)

Please Note: The conversation topic must focus on Punjabi Learning only. No other topic will be entertained in this call. 

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