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Foundation Punjabi Course

Foundation Punjabi Course

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Foundation Punjabi Course
  1. Safe and supportive learning environment - The course offers a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where students feel comfortable and encouraged to speak without fear of making mistakes.

  2. Structured speaking activities - The course offers a structured activities that help students practice speaking in Punjabi in a supportive and controlled setting. These activities includes role-plays, pair or group discussions, and other speaking exercises.

  3. Personalized feedback - The course provides students with personalized feedback on their speaking skills as well as peer feedback from other students in the course.

  4. Opportunities for practice speaking - The course offers opportunities for students to practice speaking Punjabi with fellow learners. 

  5. Emphasis on practical communication skills - The course focuses on developing practical communication skills that students can use in everyday situations. This could include vocabulary and grammar related to common topics like introducing oneself, asking for directions, and ordering food.

  6. Encouragement of self-reflection and self-assessment - The course encourages students to reflect on their own speaking skills and assess their progress over time. This could include self-assessment tools or opportunities for students to set goals and track their progress.

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